Didsbury Piano Tuition Policy

Although our teaching methods may vary, we both hold the same principles when it comes to the way we treat our students and ensuring your piano learning experience is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Teacher's responsibilities:

  • Be punctual for every lesson and if lessons begin later than the time agreed then the teacher is obliged to give extra time at no cost.

  • Reschedule lessons at a later date, if the teacher cancels. If this is not possible then a full refund will be given (if the student has paid in advance). 

  • Make sure the student feels comfortable during lessons and encourage them to ask questions if they are uncertain of anything. 

  • Ensure that young children are safe, should the parents be unable to sit in on the lessons. 

  • Be 100% focused during the lesson and to refrain from using mobile phones for reasons other than teaching. 

Student's/parent's responsibilities:


  • Be punctual for every lesson. Unfortunately we are unable to make-up any time lost due to students being late.

  • Give 24 hour notice if the student is unable to come to the lesson.  We will allow a certain number of rescheduled lessons for absences with good reason (illness for example). This is not guaranteed, however we will do our best to reschedule. 

  • Give at least two weeks notice, should the student decide to quit lessons all together.

  • Voice any concerns to the teacher as soon as possible. 

  • Listen and concentrate during lessons.

  • Have a piano/88 key digital keyboard (preferably touch-sensitive) to practice on.

  • Practice what the teacher has told the student to work on. Timings for practice will differ for every student and is based on their level and how much time they are willing to allocate for practice.