Here are the types of lessons we offer and a brief description of what to expect!
Also please have a look at our policy which ensures that our piano lessons are as enjoyable and run as smoothly as possible!

Piano lessons for Beginners  (For those completely new to piano playing, or are at around Grade 1-3 standard)               


Children (ages 5-12)                                                                                   

We advise that children shouldn't start piano lessons any younger than 5 years due to the expectation that they should be able to concentrate on activities and tasks for at least 20 minutes! However we are happy to take on any exceptions. 


These lessons aim to get the children interested in classical music (and to explore more about any other music they are enthusiastic about!) as well as teaching them the basics of piano playing technique and reading music through fun and interactive activities. There are countless studies that prove the benefits for children when they engage with classical music from a young age, so get them started now! 

Teenagers, young adults and adult amateurs  

Having said that, it is never too late to start learning! If you have a passion for the piano or for classical music, learning how to play the piano is one of the best ways of exploring this. In these lessons, we will teach you how to read music fluently, how to build solid and healthy piano playing technique and offer suggestions for good quality repertoire that is also at a suitable level. 


Piano lessons for Intermediate levels (For those who can read music quite well, have been playing the piano for a while already or are at around Grade 4-6 standard) 

During the intermediate levels (and even at the most advanced levels!), it is common to find that students have gaps in their knowledge and/or have built up bad habits for various reasons. For these students we will do our best to spot any gaps and correct habits that are unhealthy. We will also begin to touch on more complex interpretative issues, technique, how to practice well and performance. 

Piano lessons for Advanced levels (For those who are of Grade 7-8 or diploma standard)

They say that there is no end to learning the piano and it's 100% true! For advanced students we will offer advice on efficient practice, solving difficult technical problems and interpretative suggestions. Performance practice and advice will also be a major part of these lessons. 

Music Theory Lessons (up to Grade 5) 

We are also able to give individual or group lessons on music theory up to Grade 5 standard. 

Graded Examination Preparation

We are happy to prepare any student for graded examinations. If you, or your child, would like to do this we will incorporate the all the elements of the exam in the lesson as best we can. However if you would like to have extra time cover these (aural, sight reading and scales) more thoroughly we can arrange this, subject to timetable availability.